SpleeterGUI v2.9.5 (7-10-2023) 1.2GB
Extract it and run SpleeterGUI.exe

Any problems, check here first
Or GitHub issues page.

Please don't contact Deezer about issues with SpleeterGUI.

DIY build of SpleeterGUI core

Experts only

These instructions are for Python 3.10.10

Download and install
(e.g. install to c:\temp\python310)

Download and extract
(e.g extract to c:\temp\embed)

Open a command prompt to c:\temp\python310 and run this command...

python.exe pip install spleeter --target C:\temp\embed

Extract the 3 files from ffmpeg-2023-etc\bin\ (ffmpeg.exe, ffplay.exe, ffprobe.exe)
to the embed folder (e.g c:\temp\embed)

Now we need to edit a file.
run this command...

notepad.exe spleeter\audio\

On about line 60, put .exe after ffmpeg & ffprobe. like this

And we're done.

Run it with commands like...

spleeter separate -p spleeter:2stems -o c:\temp\output c:\temp\finally.mp3